MECA's membership, which currently stands at over 400 companies and businesses, has grown steadily since its establishment in 1996. Membership under our Retainer Scheme is based on the total number of employees in the company and is as follows:

  Price per year
50 employees or less RM2500
51 - 100 employees RM2800
101 - 250 employees RM3200
251 - 500 employees RM3700
501 - 1000 employees RM4500
1001 - 3000 employees RM5500
More than 3000 employees RM7000


For the purpose of membership, a year is a 12-month period from the commencement of the month in which a company registers under the Retainer Scheme. A joining fee of RM500.00 is payable upon first registration.

Group membership is available for two or more companies within the relationship of holding company & subsidiaries. For group membership, only the principle company (holding company) has access to MECA’s consultation services. All queries from the sub(s) are to be channelled via the holding company.

The proposed membership fee & one time joining fee shall be subjected to 6% GST according to GST Act 2014 with effect from 1st April 2015.

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