Kindly take note that PSMB (also known as ‘HRDF’) has issued a Circular vide Employers Circular No. 5/2014. 
The purpose of the Circular is to inform Employers on:
(i) Expansion of the scope of coverage of PSMB Act 2001 on 19 new subsectors effective from 1 June 2014;
(ii) Provision of matching grant; and
(iii) The grant of ‘Special Period’ to the 19 new subsectors employers.
The 19 new subsectors are as follows:
1. Gas, steam and air-conditioning supply;
2. Water treatment and supply;
3. Sewerage;
4. Waste management and material recovery services;
5. Food and beverage services;
6. Production of motion picture, video and television programme, sound recording and music publishing;
7. Information service;
8. Tourism enterprise; 
9. Building and landscape services;
10. Event management services;
11. Early childhood education;
12. Health support services;
13. Franchise;
14. Sale and repair of motor vehicles;
15. Private broadcasting services;
16. Driving school; 
17. Veterinary services;
18. Petroleum and gas extraction; and
19. Mineral and stone quarrying.
We would also like to inform you that if your Organisation is part of the 19 new sub-sectors, all conferences (such as MECA IR Convention 2014) and training courses will be HRDF claimable thereon. 
For further information, we have attached herewith the Circular for your perusal.
Yours faithfully,
Natalie Chong
Legal Adviser