28th May 2014

Dear MECA Members,

RE: Public Holiday in Perak

Kindly take note that the State Government of Perak has declared 29th May 2014 as a State public holiday as a mark of respect for the passing of Sultan ofPerak, Sultan Azlan Muhidbuddin Shah.

This holiday has been declared under s.9 of the Holidays Act 1951. This means that employers in Perak who in their handbook have stated that they observe ALL gazetted public holidays will have to observe the 29th May 2014 as one of the recognised holidays. Employers who observe only specified public holidaysand not ALL public holidays are under no statutory obligation to observe the declared day as a public holiday. For employers who are not legally obliged to observe the 29th May 2014 as a holiday but nevertheless wants to comply with the state’s declaration as a sign of respect to the state, they may request employees to work on the said date but provide a substituted holiday as a replacement. We encourage members to comply with the public holiday declaration in view of the fact that this is a sign of respect for the Head of State who was formerly our Agong. 

Thank you.


MECA Support Team