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MECA Membership

The MECA membership retainer offers members instant access to our legally qualified IR consultants for immediate free telephone advice, vetting of letters and free face to face meeting at our premises. Members also are updated with all the latest public holidays, given free case summaries and newsletters.

Why Choose MECA As Your IR Consultants

Strong IR Consultants Team
Proven Track Records in IR cases
Total of 100+ years of experience
Boutique IR Firm
Excellent IR Problem Solver
Offers Best IR Advice and Practices


What are the benefits of being a MECA member?

By being a member with MECA, you get free consultation from our legally qualified consultants. Consultation could be on any matters relating to Malaysian Industrial Relations / Labour Law such as Employment Act 1955, Industrial Act 1967, Personal Data Protection Act 2010, GST Act 2010 (Employee Benefits), etc.

How fast is your response / turnaround time?

Our responses in most cases are immediate via telephone. Through emails, our turnaround time is within 3 – 24 hours in 97% of the cases or we follow the timeline requested by our clients.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Our membership fees depend on the total number of employees in your payroll. Our membership fees are subjected to a one-time joining fee of RM 500 and 6% SST.

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2020 Retainer

Being a member under MECA’s retainer scheme has incredible benefits to support your HR and IR needs. As of 2020, we have revamped our retainers to be more in line with our new holistic IR approach, and now have three options for our members to choose from, according to what suits their company’s needs best.